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    In the lush heartland of New Zealand, where organic living thrives, Grin Toothpaste emerges as a beacon of natural oral care. Born from a vision to transform brushing into a ritual of purity, Grin offers more than just oral care—it's a commitment to natural ingredients that cater to the environmentally conscious.

    The inception of Grin in 2013 coincided with the global shift towards organic products. Driven by a desire for transparency in ingredients, Grin's founders embarked on creating a toothpaste free from unnecessary chemicals, reflecting their responsibility towards the environment and consumers' well-being.

    At the core of Grin's philosophy is a focus on beneficial ingredients and the exclusion of harmful ones. Our toothpaste is crafted without sodium lauryl sulfate, added sugars, preservatives, artificial colours, flavours, fragrances, or harsh abrasives, ensuring a clean that's as safe for the planet as it is for your smile.

    The birth of Grin in 2015 was the culmination of 18 months of meticulous research, testing, and refining. The final product was a testament to our mission: a toothpaste enriched with New Zealand's own Manuka Oil, Propolis, and Organic Sea Salt, ingredients proven to combat oral bacteria effectively.

    Grin's achievements, including the DHL Best Emerging Business award in 2019 and accolades for sustainability and design, underscore our dedication to innovation and excellence in the New Zealand toothpaste market. Our commitment to community and environmental contribution is unwavering, as we strive to not only improve oral health but also promote a sustainable future.

    Every brush with Grin is a stride towards a healthier smile and a greener planet, a testament to our ethos—a harmonious fusion of New Zealand's finest natural elements, curated for the discerning, eco-aware individual.