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    10 products

    In the verdant lap of eco-conscious luxury, LEBON Oral Care stands as a hallmark of sustainable practices and indulgent experiences. Established in 2015 by visionaries Stéphanie and Richard Palacci, LEBON has reimagined the oral care routine with an environmentally aware ethos that caters to the modern, health-oriented consumer.

    From the outset, LEBON's co-founders were set on crafting a brand synonymous with the term "sustainable oral care." Their ambition was clear: to blend the mundanity of daily oral hygiene with the thrill of natural, tasty alternatives. The result? A brand that personifies both environmental stewardship and the joie de vivre of oral wellness.

    With Richard Palacci's extensive background as a Doctor of Pharmacy and his expertise in Dermo-Cosmetology, Phytotherapy, and Medicinal Plants, LEBON’s Flavorcare collection was meticulously formulated. This collection, a cornerstone of LEBON's product line, offers nine exquisite flavors that elevate the brushing routine into a sensory journey. By integrating organic ingredients and enchanting aromas from Grasse's esteemed perfumeries, LEBON ensures that each product is a sensorial delight, a nurturing treatment, and a steadfast commitment to oral health.

    LEBON is more than a product—it is a promise. A promise to deliver 100% organic, natural toothpaste with robust efficacy while maintaining a steadfast dedication to eco-conscious sustainability. The brand's collection not only caters to the discerning palate but also serves the needs of an eco-aware community, aligning perfectly with the values of those seeking "sustainable oral care."

    Our engagement with nature is at the forefront of LEBON's ethos. Each product is an eco-forward solution designed for the health of your mouth and the well-being of our planet. The toothpastes, flawlessly made in France, encapsulate the brand's mission: no compromise on health or pleasure.

    Furthermore, LEBON's commitment to reducing environmental impact is unwavering. The selection of eco-responsible materials and suppliers, including PEFC certified cardboard packaging, underlines the brand's holistic approach to sustainability.

    With LEBON, every stroke of the brush is a stride towards a greener future, encapsulating the essence of sustainable oral care. It's not just about cleaning—it's about embracing a lifestyle that's responsible, delightful, and thoroughly French in its execution.