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    Daily Necessities Developed from Salt

    Saltrain is a lifestyle brand dedicated to harnessing the positive effects of natural salt on the body. The brand focuses on creating daily necessities using Korean premium grey salt, renowned for its rich mineral content and health benefits. Their products, essential for a healthier lifestyle, are crafted from the finest edible salt, making them suitable even for gourmet use.


    The combination of two familiar words, "Salt" and "Rain," reflects Saltrain's commitment to producing the best quality salt. In salt farms washed clean by rain, more uniform and superior salt crystals form. These first crystals, which bloom on the mudflats of rain-soaked tidal flats, are rich in minerals and low in sodium. This natural process ensures their salt maintains its excellent quality and health benefits.

    Their Promise

    The brand name 'SALTRAIN' embodies their promise to use only the highest quality mudflat salt. Their grey salt, known as the "World's Top 1% Salt," is painstakingly farmed from natural mudflats abundant in minerals. This premium-grade salt is renowned for its efficacy in oral health due to its excellent anti-bacterial and fast-healing properties. It is also commonly used as a natural exfoliant, highlighting its versatility and benefits.

    A Healthier Way of Life

    Saltrain advocates a healthier lifestyle by introducing naturally sourced products. Their fluoride-free, organic toothpaste, for example, harnesses the cleansing properties of grey salt to keep teeth and gums flourishing, bright, and sparkling. Free from harsh chemicals, it deeply cleanses teeth and gums, making it ideal for those with sensitive gums.

    Keep it close, SALTRAIN.

    Saltrain aims to bring daily necessities closer to everyday life, making it easier for everyone to enjoy a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. Embrace the natural brilliance of their grey salt products and experience the benefits of nature’s finest minerals.