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    PAIST: A Revolution in Dental Care

    PAIST was founded by Dr. Elham Kordrostami, a dedicated dentist committed to recommending high-quality oral care products. Recognising the flaws in traditional toothpastes, which often contain artificial ingredients and come in plastic tubes, Dr. Kordrostami sought to create a solution that prioritises both health and sustainability.

    PAIST provides an innovative answer: high-quality toothpaste in a 100% plastic-free, infinitely recyclable metal tube. Traditional plastic toothpaste tubes can take 500 years to biodegrade, leaving a lasting environmental impact. PAIST aims to eliminate this burden by offering a sustainable alternative that combines superior dental care with environmental responsibility.

    Free from artificial flavours, preservatives, and SLS, PAIST toothpaste uses natural and vegan-certified ingredients to ensure effective oral care without compromising the planet. Eschewing unnecessary additives, PAIST delivers the trusted toothpaste experience with the finest natural components—no tablets, no powders, just high-quality toothpaste.

    In the UK, less than 10% of everyday plastic is recycled, with the majority incinerated or sent abroad to landfills. With 300 million single-use plastic toothpaste tubes discarded annually, PAIST advocates for change. Metals, including the alloys used in PAIST's caps, can be recycled indefinitely. Impressively, 75% of the aluminum produced in the 1800s is still in use today.

    PAIST's commitment to quality is reflected in its ingredients. The toothpaste features a plant-based foaming agent derived from coconuts, replacing the harmful SLS. Plant-based glycerin, instead of animal-derived alternatives, ensures the product is proudly vegan. Real mint and spearmint oils provide natural freshness, free from artificial additives.

    PAIST represents a clean, effective, and environmentally responsible approach to dental care. By choosing PAIST, consumers join a movement towards a greener, healthier future, making it more than just toothpaste—it's a commitment to a better world.