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Our Story


Who We Are.

Toothpasteology brings a curated catalogue of luxury toothpastes right into your home. We offer a selection of the best global toothpaste categories and brands, that were previously reserved to individual retailers or pharmacies but are now available in one place, for a simplified shopping experience for the brightest smiles.


Toothpasteology Story

Our Story

Toothpasteology was established in 2022 and headquartered on the Gold Coast.

Our purpose is to provide the best selection of luxury toothpaste, all in one place. Our toothpaste categories and brands have been carefully reviewed and selected to ensure the finest quality ingredients, and research-based results, to care for your teeth and gums. 

Only brands and products with a proven record of safety have been included in our catalogue.

The Experience

At Toothpasteology all smiles aren’t equal. Your smile is as individual as you.

Each brand in our catalogue is as individual as you. We let you explore the categories and brands which align with your personal preference. From fluoride, to non-fluoride, whitening or charcoal - the choice is yours!

We have simplified how to shop for luxury toothpaste by bring these products straight to you.

We want you to feel confident in buying toothpaste and explore brands beyond what the major supermarkets supply.

The Brands

We we offer the most innovative, luxury and unique toothpaste brands.

Our passion is discovering leading global toothpaste products, and bringing them to you.