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    In 2015, amidst the lush, eco-conscious landscape of France, LEBON emerged as a beacon of oral care luxury. Founders Stéphanie and Richard Palacci cultivated LEBON Toothpaste with a singular vision: to offer an opulent, yet environmentally respectful alternative to traditional oral care. This French toothpaste is not just an amalgamation of fine ingredients; it is a testament to a lifestyle that cherishes health and environmental harmony.

    LEBON Toothpaste, a gem in the world of French toothpaste, began with a question that sparked a revolution in the Palaccis' minds. They pondered the true composition of the toothpaste we use daily. With Richard's expertise as a Doctor of Pharmacy, specialized in Dermo-Cosmetology and passionate about Phytotherapy and Medicinal Plants, they embarked on a journey to create a toothpaste that embodies their commitment to sustainability and pleasure.

    The Flavorcare collection from LEBON is a celebration of French artistry and natural richness. Each of the nine distinctive flavors is an ode to France's legacy, turning the daily brushing into a Proustian experience. The organic, natural ingredients married with the exquisite aromas from Grasse's world-renowned perfumeries ensure that LEBON Toothpaste is a premium product that delights and nurtures in equal measure.

    LEBON's dedication to crafting 100% organic, naturally efficacious toothpaste aligns with the evolving demand for products that are both thrilling in their results and grounded in eco-friendly practices. The entire production process of LEBON reflects a commitment to ecological sustainability, right down to the PEFC certified packaging sourced from sustainably managed forests.

    Our engagement is more than a corporate promise; it is a philosophy ingrained in the very fabric of LEBON. As purveyors of fine French toothpaste, we offer a flawless experience made in France, where choosing between health and pleasure is rendered obsolete.

    LEBON Toothpaste prioritises a reduced environmental footprint, selecting materials and suppliers that reflect our eco-responsible ethos. With LEBON, brushing becomes more than a mere routine; it is an immersive journey into the heart of French elegance and environmental responsibility.