Cocofloss Dental Floss - Cara Cara Orange
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Cocofloss Dental Floss - Cara Cara Orange

Cocofloss Dental Floss - Cara Cara Orange

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Experience Superior Plaque Removal

Cocofloss Dental Floss - Cara Cara Orange offers an unparalleled flossing experience. Its unique design, woven with 500+ textured filaments, expands like a net to capture sticky plaque from between the teeth and below the gumline. Users can see and feel the difference with every use.

Dentist-Designed for Optimal Cleaning

Frustrated with flat tape floss, Dr. Chrystle Cu created Cocofloss with a textured weave of 500+ interwoven threads. This innovative design expands like a net to reach and capture cavity-causing plaque, ensuring an ultraclean, bright smile.

Delightfully Cleansing

Infused with cleansing coconut oil and vegan wax, Cocofloss glides comfortably between teeth while scrubbing them clean. The vibrant Cara Cara Orange scent and plaque-revealing blue threads make flossing an enjoyable and refreshing experience that kids love too.

Planet-Friendly, Clean, and Cruelty-Free

Cocofloss is cleanly spun from approximately 85% recycled water bottles, making it a sustainable choice. The refillable dispenser reduces waste compared to plastic picks and flossers. Free from parabens, sulfates, and PFAS, Cocofloss is also Leaping Bunny–certified cruelty-free, ensuring no harm to animals in its production.

Gum Bliss Guarantee

Each 33-yard spool of recycled-polyester string floss lasts about 2 months for one person. If users are not satisfied with their floss within the first 30 days, Cocofloss offers a hassle-free refund.

The Cocofloss Flossophy

Sisters Dr. Chrystle Cu and Cat Cu co-founded Cocofloss in 2015 with a mission to prevent cavities and boost gum health with oral care products that are both super-effective and fun to use. Dr. Chrystle Cu's expertise as a dentist and Cat Cu's perspective as a former floss-hater blend to create a product that truly transforms the flossing experience.

Key Features

  • Innovative Design: 500+ interwoven threads expand to capture plaque effectively.
  • Cleansing Coconut Oil: Infused with coconut oil and vegan wax for a smooth glide.
  • Refreshing Scent: Vibrant Cara Cara Orange scent makes flossing enjoyable.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made from approximately 85% recycled water bottles.
  • Cruelty-Free: Leaping Bunny–certified, free from harmful chemicals.
  • Gum Bliss Guarantee: 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Discover the Difference

Transform any daily dental routine with Cocofloss Dental Floss - Cara Cara Orange. Enjoy the benefits of a meticulously designed floss that makes plaque removal effective and fun, while also being kind to the planet.

  • Effective Plaque Removal: 500+ woven, expandable fibers effectively scrub away plaque from every surface area, providing a dentist-clean feeling.
  • Gum-Soothing Properties: Coated in naturally soothing coconut oil, it helps to calm and protect gums during flossing.
  • Enhanced Oral Health: Helps reduce cavity-causing bacteria and supports overall oral health.
  • Minty Freshness: Infused with Delicious Mint flavor for a refreshing and pleasant flossing experience.
  • Durable and Flexible: Ultra-durable interwoven filaments that expand and compress to fit even the tightest contacts, ensuring comprehensive cleaning.
  • Naturally Antibacterial: Infused with coconut oil and microcrystalline vegan wax to provide a naturally antibacterial effect.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made from 85% recycled polyester sourced from plastic water bottles, significantly reducing environmental impact.
  • Energy Efficient: Requires 64% less energy to produce compared to non-recycled threads.
  • Low Emissions: Emits 32% less CO2 during production.
  • Water Conservation: Uses 94% less water in the manufacturing process.
  • Safe and Non-Toxic: Free from BPA, parabens, SLS, and PFAS, ensuring a safe flossing experience.
  • Cruelty-Free: Leaping Bunny–certified, ensuring no animal testing.
  • Dentist-Designed: Part of the Dentist-Designed SmileCare System™, providing superior results and removing approximately 40% more plaque compared to generic floss picks.
  • Sustainable Production: Crafted in a family-owned factory in Italy, combining quality with environmental responsibility.

Take the Right Amount: Cut about 18 inches (45 cm) of floss. This length allows you to use a clean section for each tooth.

Wrap and Hold: Wind most of the floss around the middle fingers of both hands, leaving about 1-2 inches (3-5 cm) of floss between them. Hold the floss tightly between your thumbs and index fingers.

Position the Floss: Place the floss between your teeth. Gently slide it up and down against the sides of each tooth. Be careful not to snap or force the floss, as this can harm your gums.

Curve the Floss: When the floss reaches the gum line, curve it into a C shape against one tooth. Slide it into the space between the gum and the tooth, gently.

Move Up and Down: Hold the floss tightly against the tooth and move it up and down, rubbing against the side of the tooth. Repeat this motion to remove plaque and food particles.

Repeat for Each Tooth: Use a fresh section of floss for each tooth. Move to the next tooth by unwinding the floss from one finger and winding it onto the other, using a clean section of floss for each tooth.

Don't Forget the Back Teeth: Make sure to floss the back teeth, even though they might be harder to reach. These areas are just as prone to plaque buildup.

Rinse Your Mouth: After flossing all your teeth, rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash to remove any dislodged particles.

Regular Routine: Incorporate flossing into your daily oral hygiene routine. Ideally, floss once a day, either in the morning or before bed.

Infused 500+ ultra-durable interwoven filaments with naturally soothing and antibacterial coconut oil, plus microcrystalline vegan wax for slip.

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